our Juicie story

Hi guys! It's me, Jasmine aka Jazz aka Juice (according to my family). I am the owner/CEO of Juicie' Hair by Jazz and now Juice'D Hair Care! I'm so excited to share this product with you because its been in the works for a while!


Being a natural girl my whole life, ( well except that one time in HS, I let my friends talk me into getting a texturizer, and then I had to cut all my hair off...#tragic) has had its ups and downs. Needless to say, I have overcome those obstacles and loc'd my hair! During this journey I have learned a lot about myself and my texture.  

  1. I have fine hair that doesn't receive every product I try to slap on it!

  2. Ya girl does not have time to do my own hair all day and night so I need a potent, quick fix!

  3. I need moisture but not too much because residue is not cute on locs or curly hair! OKAY! 


Sooo because I know that I'm not the only one with these issues I created these products for US! They work on all textures (relaxed hair too) and they are completely safe for colored hair and sensitive scalps! Juice'd is for everyone, use these products on you, your babies , and you grandparents! 

This is Juice'D , Enjoy!